No quota system in govt jobs, announces PM


PV Desk : An angry Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has suggested cancelling the quota system for government jobs altogether if it brings such widespread protests.
Students and job seekers have been carried out holding demonstration demanding reforms to the quota system that entered their fourth consecutive day on Wednesday and brought key roads in Dhaka to a standstill.
Hasina addressed the issue during a parliamentary session and said that the protests were irrational after the government had already made assurances regarding the demonstrators’ demands.
A delegation from the protests had met with Minister Obaidul Quader on Monday to discuss their demands and had postponed the protests until May 7.
But another faction of the demonstrators refused to call off their programmes until the demands were met and reversed the decision to halt the protest on Tuesday.
“They have protested enough,” Hasina said. “Let them go home.”
She also condemned the attack on the Dhaka University vice chancellor’s residence and said that all involved would be punished accordingly.
“We must have justice for this vandalism and looting. We will find those who were involved and the students must help us do so.”