Khaleda’s imprisonment means more vote for BNP: Moudud


PV Desk : Demanding quick release of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia from jail, party standing committee member Moudud Ahmed said keeping Khaleda Zia in jail is a minus point for the government as it will ultimately get more votes to BNP.
He made the remark while addressing a program organized by Khaleda Zia Mukti Parishad demanding party chief’s release at National Press Club in Dhaka on Friday (February 23).
Claiming that the government imprisoned Khaleda Zia unjustly, Moudud said, “We will show how to free our leader and collapse the government through peaceful movement.”
He also mentioned that BNP is united that ever before and no one will be able to dismantle the largest political party in the country.
Criticizing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s remarks, the BNP senior leader said, “The premier must speak in a manner so that young generation can hear the truth from her not falsehood.”
“The ruling party men can sense that they lost acceptability to people and will lose in the upcoming general election. That is why they put Khaleda Zia in jail, arresting BNP activists-leaders and even making force disappearance to stay in power”, Moudud said.
The BNP leader also criticized law enforcing agencies for working in favor of the ruling party and taking stand against BNP.