Sec 32 won’t stifle freedom of expression: Law minister


PV Desk : Law Minister Anisul Huq catagorically said the misuse of Section 57 of the ICT act will be stopped by Section 32 of the newly passed draft of Digital Security Act 2018.

He made the remark to reporters at his own secretariat office on Tuesday (January 30).

The minister said “Spying has noting to do with journalism. There is no need to spur unnecessary fear. The Prime Minister does not anyone to be a victim of harassment.”

“Freedom of expression was suppressed under Section 57. But it wont happen at all under Section 32”, Anisul added.

The Cabinet on Monday (January 30) approved the draft of The Digital Security Act-2018 keeping stringent provisions for journalists.

As per the section 32 of the act, a journalist will have to face punishment of 14 years in jail or pay Tk 25 lakh as fine or both for spying or disclosing confidential reports of the government.

However, with the new law in place the government has decided to repeal five sections (sections 54 to 57 and 66) of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Law.