Country’s income tax collection in four years doubled, says Muhith


PV Desk : Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith today said country’s income tax collection was doubled in the last fiscal year at Taka 63,782 crore compared four years back.

“The income tax collection by June 2013 was Taka 37,710 crore while it was doubled at Taka 63,782 crore in June 2017,” said the minister while responding to a query placed by treasury bench lawmaker M Israfil Alam of Naogaon-6 at the House.

In 2013, the minister said the number of country’s registered tax payers are nearly 12 lakh and it stood at 33 lakh in January 2018, adding that “The number of tax payers had not only increased in the country but also the ability to pay the tax increased.”

At the same time, Muhith said the import duty and value added tax (VAT) collection was respectively Taka 32,313 crore and Taka 39,129 crore in 2013 while in 2017 the import tax raised to Taka 54,330 crore and VAT raised to Taka 66,891 crore.