Want to see JP in power last time: Ershad


PV Desk : Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad expressed his hope to saying that his last wish before death is to establish his party to power.

He made the remark in a joint meeting at party office in city’s Banani area on Monday morning (January 22). The meeting was called upon to discuss on holding a rally February 15 in Dhaka.

The former president said, “I have lost everything. Now I just want to see my party acquiring to power and forming government. That is my last wish before death.”

“There are hopes for JP ahead of election. People want to go back to the time when our party was in power for nine years and there were no records of forced disappearance- murder. People want it back.”

Mentioning that JP will hold the biggest rally in Dhaka on Feb 15, Ershad said around Tk 5 core is the budget for the rally. We have to collect the money as people will come from far away. They need launch, bus, train fare.

Ershad also said, “Many people think of JP as a domestic party rather than a political party. But things are about to change. People are now turning towards JP with hope.”