Govt to export hilsa again to curb smuggling


PV Desk : The government has decided to resume hilsa fish export after five and a half years of break in a bid to boost production and prevent smuggling.
Newly appointed Fisheries and Livestock minister Narayan Chandra Chanda made the development in a press conference at secretariat on Monday (January 8).
He said, “We want to export hilsa fish as have enough production to meet the demand of international market. Another reason for starting export is to curb smuggling as government is losing revenue.”
Currently hilsa export is not allowed. Bangladesh government put a ban on export in 2012. However, Rupali Hilsa has already been certified as global product due to several initiatives taken by the government.
In response to a question about why export hilsa but not reduce its price, the minister said, “Large size hilsa fishes are being smuggled out of the country. We are not getting it. In our market, price of larger fish is much higher but smaller fishes are in low price. We have to stop the smuggling to get the larger fish.”
Government is taking steps to stop the hilsa smuggling, the minister said we have already held meeting with BGB, navy and naval police in this regard. They will work together to close down the routes for smugglers.