Fire at Trump Tower in New York


PV International Desk : Two people were injured after a small fire broke out at the top of Trump Tower in New York on Monday morning.
The New York Fire Department said one person was seriously injured in what is thought to have been an electrical fire near the roof of the tower, reports the NBC news.
The fire reportedly started near the top of the 58-storey tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan at about 7am this morning local time. Pictures and video from the scene showed smoke billowing from the building.
President Donald Trump was in Washington at the time of the fire. His main residence is the White House, although he maintains a luxurious apartment in Trump Tower. The tower also houses a number of businesses.
About 84 firefighters were at the scene initially, local media reported. A few remained on the roof about an hour later.
Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s third son and vice-president of The Trump Organization, said the fire was brought under control by “hero” firefighters.