Telecom is cutting-edge tool for our lifestyle: Mustafa Jabbar


PV Desk : Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar today said his ministry is cutting-edge of all ministries to bring digital services at people’s door step.

“Now, digital technology is a cutting-edge tool for our lifestyle which needed for all works and this ministry (posts, telecommunications and information technology) is like that, and it’s a commitment of our ministry to provide required cooperation to other ministries,” he added.

The newly appointed minister passed the remarks during the first visit at the ministry office this afternoon in secretariat.

In this moment, Jabbar said, it’s too much important to build a highway for internet traffic like as building highway for vehicles. “Digital Bangladesh would not be completed until the highway is fully constructed, and my ministry is connected with this job.”

The noted IT personality and President of BASIS who appointed as the minister for posts, telecommunications and information technology on Tuesday at the very first day at posts and telecommunications said “earlier I would have spoken on behalf industry and people to realize different types of demands, but now I have to implement those”. Jabbar said “the Prime Minister has seated me on the opposite site of table so now my job is to implement rather making any demand, and it’s a big challenge whether I would implement the issues which I have raised earlier.” Mentioning that the posts and telecommunications division has some critical problems, he said it’s very tough job to solve these problems “but one thing I want to state that we have some organization under the ministry and I will work to turn those into profitable and dynamic organizations”. Referring to the vast network of the post office, the minister said no entity in Bangladesh has such network that is expanded to grassroots level that is why it would be transformed into modernization in this digital era for the welfare of people which is also a big challenge. He termed the two divisions of the ministry – posts and telecommunication division and ICT division – as the two hands or legs or eyes of body and said two divisions would be run through coordination. Jabbar said the government is working to build digital Bangladesh by December 16, 2021 and establish knowledge-based society by 2041. “Prime Minister has made her announcement and we are working as her workers, and we will build Bangabandhu’s Sonar Bangla using digital technology.”