Talks with primary school teachers this week: Govt


PV Desk : The government will open talks with primary school teachers over the ‘discriminatory pay scale’ this week.
Teachers of government primary schools have been protesting a wage disparity between assistant teachers, who receive pay at the 14th wage grade, and head teachers with the same qualifications, who get paid as per the 11th grade.
Teachers from across the country began a hunger strike at Dhaka Central Shaheed Minar on Saturday.
It was called off Sunday evening after Minister Mostafizur Rahman assured them of addressing the issue.
“The talks will begin this week…Their demands will be met if they are found to be logical,” the primary and mass education minister told on Tuesday.
Though a few hundred had started the protests, the number dwindled to about 30 by Monday.
At least 60 protesters were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital after falling ill over the three days of protest.
The primary education minister met representatives from the protestors at his residence in Minto Road on Monday afternoon before going to the Shaheed Minar.