Donald Trump tastes victory — at last

Donald Trump

PV International Desk : Looking out over the South Lawn of the White House, flanked by the lawmakers who had just handed him the greatest victory of his tumultuous young presidency, Donald Trump drank in the scene.

For this most unconventional of presidents — impulsive, unpredictable, so often frustrated by the exercise of power — it was payback time at last.

In the chill December air, under a pale sky dotted with clouds, Trump was celebrating passage of the sweeping tax reform he promised to push through if American voters delivered him to the Oval Office.

The much-anticipated event had been staged with care: lawmakers and advisors, primed to cheer and applaud, surrounded him at the lectern, and packed the majestic staircases that framed the scene.

But the relief was plain to see in Trump’s face as the businessman-turned-president — whose need for recognition appears to know no bounds — took the stand.