Rangpur city polls tomorrow, festive mood for major parties’ participation

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PV Desk : The polls to the Rangpur City Corporation (RCC) will be held on Thursday (December 21) amid festivity as the major political parties are taking part in the polls.
The Election Commission (EC) has completed all the necessary preparations for the polls. The election materials, including the ballot papers, have already reached the offices of the returning officers.
This election is the second election of the city, as the maiden election to the Rangpur City Corporation was held on December 20 in 2012.
The voting will begin at 8:00 am and continue till 4:00 pm uninterruptedly.
A total of 393,994 voters, including 196,356 males and 197,638 females, would apply their franchises in 193 polling centers.
Some 193 presiding officers, 1,122 assistant presiding officers and 2,244 polling officers with transparent ballot boxes, ballot papers, inputs and security forces already reached all 193 polling centers in RCC area.