World supports Bangladesh on Rohingya crisis like ‘71


PV Desk : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reiterated that her country gives priority to solve the Rohingya crisis in a peaceful manner with the neighboring Myanmar.

Comparing the support of the world community to the Rohingya crisis with their stance during the country’s liberation war in 1971, the premier said, “We’ve got support from everyone. All have extended their hands to Bangladesh now as they did before during the birth of Bangladesh.”

The Prime Minister was addressing a reception program organized by Bangladeshi expatriates held in Inter-Continental Paris La Grand Hotel in Paris at 9 pm local time on Tuesday (September 12).

Premier said that, “With such an issue, countries usually engage in war. However, we want peace instead.”

Mother of Humanity added that, “We believe in friendship with everyone, no enmity. This is what the father of the nation taught us. I believe in this foreign policy.”