ACC Chairman calls for stand against corrupt people

Iqbal Mahmud

PV Desk : Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Iqbal Mahmud said on Saturday that people should stand against the corrupt ones right now as their arrogance has crossed the limit.
He made the remarks in the discussion as part of the Commission’s celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day with the theme ‘Come: Get united against the corrupt’ at the auditorium of the Jatiya Natyashala of Bangladesh Shilapakala Academy.
ACC Chairman Iqbal Mahmud said everyone should play the role to build corruption-free society for the future generation of the country.
Terming corruption as a kind of addiction, the Chairman said, “Those who earn money illegally can’t enjoy it. Corrupt people do not understand this. The money that is corrupted – they can’t enjoy the resources they store due to health reason, and ageing.”
“Their whole job is just an addiction. They are addicted for money and power. Because of these two addictions, we are seeing the bank loots, transactions of bribe money in government works, grafts in business, and leak of question papers. In a word, their arrogance has exceeded.”