Apu desperate to save marriage with co-star Shakib for their son


PV Entertainment Desk : Actress Apu Biswas says she will fight to the end to save her marriage with co-star Shakib Khan for the sake of her son Abraham Khan Joy.

“I reject the letter. I want my husband, my family. I will try my best to negotiate rather than seek legal help,” the actress told Glitz on Thursday. A day earlier, lawyer Sheikh Sirajul Islam confirmed to reporters that his client Shakib had served a divorce letter on Apu on Nov 22.

In the letter, Shakib alleged Apu “went abroad with her boyfriend”, leaving her 14-month-old son locked at home with a house help.

During her interview with Glitz, Apu dismissed the claim of having a boyfriend and said she had gone to Shiliguri.

“The allegation that I left Abraham locked at home with a house help is absurd. Can a mother do that to her child?” asked Apu.