HC explains need for death penalty

BDR Mutiny

PV Desk : The High Court has defended the decision to uphold the capital punishment for a record 139 convicts of the Peelkhana massacre case in the observations delineating why such verdict is necessary.

The court on Monday also handed down life term to 185 after a long hearing of the death references of 152, appeals of the convicts against the capital punishment, and the State’s appeals seeking harsher punishment to some other convicts.

It sentenced 228 others to different prison terms between three and 10 years for the killings that took place at the Peelkhana headquarters of the erstwhile Bangladesh Rifles during a mutiny on Feb 25-16 of 2009.

This is the largest case in the country in terms of both numbers of accused and people condemned to death, and the court could not deliver the verdict in a single day.