Peelkhana massacre: High Court sentencing on Monday


PV Desk : The High Court proceedings in delivering the verdict over the killings during the 2009 mutiny at the border guards’ headquarters in Dhaka have rolled into Monday.
A three-member bench led by Justice Md Shawkat Hossain started announcing the verdict just before 11am Sunday and adjourned in the afternoon.
Justice Hossain has said the court will reconvene on Monday, when the sentencing is expected.
The larger bench with Justice Md Abu Zafor Siddique and Justice Md Nazrul Islam Talukder as the two other members was formed in 2015 to hear the case, largest in Bangladesh’s history in terms of the number of convicts.
At the beginning of Sunday’s proceedings for the verdict at 10:54am, Justice Siddique spoke on the trial process and the Peelkhana massacre before reading out his observations.
He continued until the court recessed at 1pm, when he said his observations were more than 1,000 pages.