Keep mobile phones away from children, says Hefazat’s Shafi


PV Desk : Hefazat-e-Islam chief Shah Ahmed Shafi says mobile phones are ‘weapons of destruction made by Jews’ and has warned that children should be kept away from them.
The 95-year-old Islamist leader made the remark during a conference at a summit at the Jamaatul Falah National Mosque in Chittagong on Saturday.
“The Jews have spread this weapon of destruction, this mobilism, to annihilate us,” he said. “It is ruining our social system.”
“I implore you: keep mobile phones away from boys and girls.”
The current state of society has led to the ‘absolute degradation’ of humanity and morality, according to the Hefazat chief. People are developing anti-Islamic views due to the spread of ‘atheistic ideas’, he said.
If harsh punishments are meted out for blaspheming Allah, there will be no atheists, he said.
“Anti-Islamic atheists will be punished by the law in Bangladesh,” he said.