EC warns against NID corruption


PV Desk : The Election Commission, or EC, is prepared to take tough action against any irregularity, harassment and financial corruption involved in national identification services.
The National Identity Registration Wing has issued a stern missive to regional, district and Upazila election officials, warning that they are ready to take harsh legal action against any proven case of corruption.
NID Registration Wing Director General Brig Gen Mohammed Saidul Islam sent the instructions to field workers on Nov 13 after receiving complaints and recommendations regarding irregularities and corruption from the Prime Minister’s Office.
Bangladesh currently has over 101.8 million people registered on its voter list. Over 1.3 million of the dead will be removed from the list in January, while 3.5 million new voters will be added.
The EC NID Wing issued its ‘NID Issue, Corrections and Best Update Practices’ in an effort to convert those eligible to vote to regular voters.