Queen kept money in offshore funds: Trump involved too


PV International Desk : The Queen, Bono and one of Donald Trump’s closest advisors have become embroiled in an explosive leak of financial documents laying bare investments in offshore tax havens by the world’s rich and powerful.

A disclosure of 13.4 million documents, dubbed the ‘Paradise Papers’, reportedly tie major companies and political figures to secretive overseas arrangements, reported world media on Sunday (November 05).

According to the report of The Telegraph, the 13.4million files, which were obtained after a hack on law firm Appleby which has offices in Bermuda, the Isle of Man and a number of other tax havens, show the complex financial dealings of the super-rich and major global corporations.

Tory donor Lord Michael Ashcroft, Donald Trump’s advisor Wilbur Ross and Arsenal football club stakeholder Alisher Usmanov have been named in the documents alongside Stephen Bronfman, chief fundraiser and senior adviser to the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau and a dozen of Trump administration advisers, Cabinet members or major donors who appeared in the records.

Trump’s allies who are named in the Paradise Papers also include Gary Cohn, his chief economic adviser, Rex Tillerson, secretary of state, Steven Mnuchin, treasury secretary, Randal Quarles, vice-chairman for supervision at the Federal Reserve, Jon Huntsman, ambassador to Russia.

The papers also show that DST Global, a major investor in Twitter and Facebook, has financial ties to two firms owned by the Russian Government.