‘Deadly military weapons used in Aug 21 grenade attacks’


PV Desk : The prosecution during the arguments of August 21 grenade attack case today said deadly military weapon Arges grenade was used in August 21, 2004, attacks on Awami League rally at capital’s Bangabandhu Avenue.

“A total of nine grenades were exploded on the scene. Four more were found in unexploded condition and three of those were seized. These grenades used during war are originated from Pakistan and Austria. It was unprecedented in the history that a military-grade weapon was used in such attack,” said Syed Rezaur Rahman, chief prosecutor in the case.

The senior lawyer today reiterated his arguments, saying the plot of that barbaric attack was hatched at eight different places, including Hawa Bhaban.

“Their main aim of the attack was to kill Awami League President and incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Seven complaints were lodged after the attack and six investigation officers have probed the incident,” Rahman said.