Sinha’s rejoining a far cry, AG repeats


PV Desk : Attorney General Mahbubey Alam has reiterated that Chief Justice SK Sinha’s rejoining Supreme Court after returning home from abroad is a far cry.

He made the comment at a press conference at his office at the Supreme Court premises on Sunday (November 04).

Earlier on October 14, Mahbubey Alam uttered the same that the apex court will face a stalemate if other judges of the Appellate Division don’t want to sit with SK Sinha.

The Attorney General on Sunday again said that how it will possible to continue the duty if the other judges of the apex court don’t sit with Chief Justice SK Sinha in the bench. So, his rejoining is a far cry, he said.

SK Sinha flew to Australia on October 13 after he got a month’s leave from October 3 on health grounds. He is scheduled to return home on November 11.

Before leaving Dhaka, SK Sinha said that he was not sick what the government has been claiming that the chief justice went on leave on health grounds.

He briefly spoke to the reporters in front of his official residence in the city and handed them a written statement.