Extra-marital affair behind Badda father-daughter murder


PV Desk : The wife, accompanied by her lover, allegedly killed her husband Jamil Sheikh and daughter Nusrat in the hope of building up a new family with another man.
Deputy Commissioner (DC) of police of Gulshan zone Mostak Ahmed said this at a press conference at DMP Media Center in he city on Saturday (November 04).
Jamil Sheikh, 38, a driver by profession, and his daughter Nusrat, 9, were killed in city’s North Badda area on November 1.

The family, consisting of four members, had used to live in a rented house on the ground floor of a building at Moyna Nagar area of North Badda in city.
Jamil Sheikh’s wife Arjina came in contact with a resident of the building named Shahin Mollik who used to live on the third floor.
Shahin used to have flirty conversation with Arjina all the time, which led up to an extra-marital love affair. Meanwhile, the couple started having arguments between them over trifle matters.
At one time, Arjina left to her father’s house, expressing her outrage as rain water collected beside their house.
Later, she returned after her husband had fulfilled her condition to move to a new house at the cost of Tk. 7000 in the same area.
Arjina tactfully sublet her house with Shahin at the cost of Tk.3000, which, in actuality, paved the way to form this relationship.
Masuma, Shahin’s wife, used to work as a maid while Arjina’s husband left for work early in the morning. In this intervening period, Shahin and Arjina could come close to each other.