High threat of terror attack in Bangladesh: Australia


PV Desk : Australia says it has ‘reliable information’ that militants ‘may be planning’ to target Western interests in Bangladesh.

“There is a high threat of terrorist attack in Bangladesh,” it said, urging citizens “to stay alert and maintain an active awareness of your environment.”

“Ensure you have robust security plans in place. The level of our advice has not changed. Reconsider your need to travel to Bangladesh,” it said while updating the travel advice for its citizens Friday.

It is not clear what prompted Australia to alert their citizens again in the updated travel advice. The department of foreign affairs and trade has mentioned the past terrorists incidents Bangladesh has experienced including the Holey Bakery attack and the Mar 24, 2017 reported suicide bombing at a checkpoint near Hazrat Shahjala International Airport in Dhaka.

According to the travel advice, local security authorities remain on “high alert” and continue to arrest individuals alleged to be planning further acts of violence.

“The threat of further terrorist attack persists at this time. Remain vigilant and adopt enhanced safety precautions.”