In deepest Catalonia, independence dream stalls


PV International Desk : A month ago, residents of the Catalan village Dosrius were facing off against police in their struggle to break away from Spain.

Now independence has been declared — but nothing, they feel, has been gained. Indeed, they have probably lost what they had.

Spain’s central government has taken control of the region for the first time since the end of dictatorship in the 1970s. Catalonia’s separatist leader, facing likely prosecution, has fled to Belgium.

“I feel impotent,” says farmer Oscar Jansana, 43, who flies a Catalan independence flag — red and yellow stripes with a white star — outside his house in this small valley town north of Barcelona.

He and other separatists want the rich region to have control over its finances. They feel dismayed that in just a few days their independence effort has apparently all but collapsed.

“We have worked hard. We have collaborated as much as we could,” said Jansana. “And in the end we have ended up worse off than we were before.”