Drug dealer killed in RAB ‘shootout’


PV Desk : An alleged drug dealer has been shot dead by the Rapid Action Battalion or RAB during a ‘shootout’ at Ice Factory Road in Chittagong.
A bag containing around 200,000 yaba tablets, two pistols and a single-shooter gun have been recovered from site of the firing, said RAB-7 ASP Mimtanur Rahman on Friday.
A RAB team came to learn that drug dealers were assembling in the Ice Factory Road at Barisal colony and decided to conduct a night raid, he said.
“The drug dealers started firing at RAB, prompting the law enforcers to fire back. The firing stopped after some time and a bullet-hit body was found in the location.”
The suspect was identified as Mohammad Faruk Hossain, according to a National ID found in the man’s wallet. The 42-year-old hails from Patiya in Chittagong.
The bag containing illegal drug yaba and the firearms were found during search, added the RAB official.