Govt to build Shishu Palli for orphan Rohingya children


PV Desk : The government has taken an initiative to build ‘Shishu Palli’, a kind of residence, for protecting the orphan Rohingya children.

“The government has a plan to construct Shishu Palli in next month…after identifying the orphan Rohingya children,” said Syeda Ferdous Akhter, additional director of the Department of Social Services (DSS).

In the last 28 days since September 28, the government has identified 16,833 Rohingya orphan child and the project is being implemented through the Myanmar National Orphan Child Programme, said said Akhter who also a coordinator of the programme.

The DSS official, however, said that the construction works of the Shishu Palli might be lingered as the Rohighya people are still coming from neighboring Myanmar.

The social service department is engaged for registering the orphan child from the Rohinghya camps. Orphan children have been classified into four categories—who lost parents, who lost only father, physically disabled and children missing their parents.