Another 15,000 Rohingyas enter Bangladesh overnight: UN


PV Desk : Over 15,000 Rohingyas overnight reached Bangladesh borders fleeing their home with UN agencies saying the overnight influx their number now stood at 582,000 since the exodus began on August 25.

UN Refugee Agency UNHCR said the 15,000 Rohingyas now waited on the border to be relocated at makeshift camps after a vetting process and urged Bangladesh to speed up their process expressing concerns about the humanitarian condition of new arrivals stranded on borders.

“Many (of the newly arrived Rohingyas) say they had initially chosen to remain in their homes in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine state despite repeated threats to leave or be killed. They finally fled when their villages were set on fire,” a UNHCH statement said.

The Rohingyas, it said, told the UNHCR staff yesterday they walked for around a week to reach the Bangladesh border while some of them crossed into the country on Sunday night, others throughout Monday in the heat and rain.

“As of this morning they are still squatting in the paddy fields of Anjuman Para village in Bangladesh. They are waiting for permission to move away from the border, where the sound of gunfire continues to be heard every night from the Myanmar side,” the statement read.