Apex court judges refused to work with CJ: SC

SC Bhaban

PV Desk : The Supreme Court (SC) today said members of the apex Appellate Division earlier this month decided not to sit in the bench with Chief Justice SK Sinha against the backdrop of a series of graft and other “grave” charges brought to their notice by the president.

A Supreme Court issued the notification against the backdrop of Sinha’s statement overnight ahead of his departure to Australia saying a “political quarter, lawyers, and especially some honourable ministers of the government and the honourable prime minister are criticising me recently over a verdict” which embarrassed him.

“This written statement (of Sinha) is misleading,” read the Supreme Court statement signed by its Registrar General Syed Aminul Islam.

It said President M Abdul Hamid on September 30, invited all the five apex court judges to Bangabhaban barring the chief justice while four of them met him as the fifth one, Justice Muhammad Imman Ali, was abroad at that time.