Prabarana Purnima tomorrow

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PV Desk : The Buddhists’ community will celebrate their second largest festival Prabarana Purnima, in the city as elsewhere across the country tomorrow with due solemnity.

The festival is also known as Ashvini Purnima that marks conclusion of the three months long seclusion of the monks inside their monasteries for self edification and atonement of their defilement.

The Purnima follows a month-long preaching of sermons by the Buddhist monks for the welfare of every beings and whole humankind through a month long yellow robes offering ceremony that begins the day after the Purnima.

According to the legend, Buddha once clipped some strands of hair from his head and said that if he were qualified to attain supreme wisdom and enlightenment, the hairs would not fall down but go up instead, in the long run which they did.

However, the Sammilita Buoddha Samity this year cancelled the release of candle lit air balloons made of coloured paper and set free to flow towards the sky in the evening which is the chief attraction of the festival.