Quader sets car-free day for Manik Miah road


PV Desk : Private cars will be barred from travelling on Dhaka’s Manik Miah Avenue on the first Friday of every month, says Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader.
He made the announcement during a programme for World Car Free Day on Friday.

“There is no point in making statements if there is no action taken on this day,” he told the event organised on the road in front of the National Parliament building.
“At least one of the capital’s roads should be free of private cars for a day every month.”

Road Transport Additional Secretary Safiqul Islam and actor Ilias Kanchon, a campaigner for safe roads, were present as the minister spoke.
He then asked Secretary Safiqul, “Mr secretary which road do you think we should select?”
The secretary suggested Manik Miah Avenue, and was then asked to suggest a day for when it will be car free. “The first Friday of every month,” said Quader, hearing his reply.
“Then let us do something practical. It doesn’t help if we just make speeches and release balloons in the air.”
“I have spoken to the secretary about this and our brother Ilias Kanchan is also present here today. We have consulted everybody and decided that there will be no private cars on the Manik Miah Avenue on the first Friday of every month.”