PM seeks expeditious UN attempts to end Rohingya crisis


PV Desk : Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has sought expeditious UN and global interventions to protect all civilians in Myanmar’s Rakhine State irrespective of religion and ethnicity and take effective steps for a permanent solution to the protracted Rohingya crisis.

Addressing the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday afternoon (this morning in Bangladesh), the premier urged the UN secretary general to immediately send there a “Fact-Finding Mission” and suggested several other steps to stop the ethnic cleansing.

“Firstly, Myanmar must unconditionally stop the violence and the practice of ethnic cleansing in the Rakhine State immediately and forever,” she said in her address at the UN headquarters.

Sheikh Hasina reiterated Bangladesh call to create “safe zones” under UN supervision in Myanmar for the protection of all civilian population irrespective of religion and ethnicity and unconditional implementation of the Kofi Annan Commission recommendations to resolve the crisis.

She called for ensuring “sustainable return” of all forcibly displaced Myanmar Rohingyas in Bangladesh to their homes saying these people must be able to return to their homeland in safety and securely with dignity.

The Bangladesh premier said it was the 14th time she was addressing the UN General Assembly, but this time she came to New York with a heavy heart just after seeing the “hungry, distressed and hopeless Rohingyas” who took refuge in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar fleeing their home to evade atrocities.