Trump assures PM of all supports on Rohingya issue


PV Desk : US President Donald Trump has assured Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of his country’s all supports on the Rohingya issue as they talked on the sidelines of a high level meeting on UN reforms.

“President Trump said the United States will stand beside Bangladesh on Rohingya issue,” Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque told newsmen referring to the conversation at UN headquarters here late yesterday.

PM’s press secretary Ihsanul Karim and Bangladesh press minister in Washington Shamim Ahmed joined the media briefing at Hotel Grand Hyatt when Haque said during the conversation President Trump raised the Rohingya issue and gave the assurance.

he said the US president also enquired about the current state of Bangladesh economy when Sheikh Hasina said it was progressing well.

Bangladesh is now reeling on a disastrous situation after exodus of over 4, 00,000 Myanmar nationals of Rohingya ethnicity since August 25 when the Burmese army launched an anti-Rohingya clampdown.