176 Rohingya villages deserted, says Myanmar


PV International Desk : The ethnic Rohingya villages of Myanmar’s Rakhine state are becoming empty as nearly 4,00,000 Rohingyas have fled into Bangladesh to escape persecution in Myanmar and over 3,000 have died on the way.
A spokesperson for the Myanmar government has confirmed that nearly 200 villages of Rohingya people are standing empty.
A total of 176 out of 471 Rohingya villages in the northern area of Rakhine state of Myanmar are now stand completely empty after ‘the whole village fled’, said government spokesman Zaw Htay. He also said that 36 other villages were partly deserted or intact.
The de-facto leader of Myanmar Suu Kyi has been condemned for her lack of moral leadership and compassion in the face of a crisis that has shocked the international community.
The spokesman of Suu Kyi said she will not attend next week’s annual meeting of world leaders at the United Nations.
In the meantime, Bangladesh is struggling to provide relief for exhausted and hungry refugees who are pouring into the country. The refugee camps are exhausted to provide shelter to this huge influx.
Moreover, 12 Nobel laureates signed an open letter urging the UN body to “intervene immediately by using all available means” to end the “crimes against humanity” in Myanmar.