Ershad denounces Myanmar for Rohingya persecution


PV Desk : Jatiya Party Chairman also former President HM Ershad expressed utter condemnation over torturing, raping and killing the Rohingyas along with torching off their homes in Myanmar.
The former president urged the government to stand beside the Rohingyas in consideration from a humanitarian ground.
Ershad made the call through a statement sent to the media by his Press and Political Secretary Sunil Shuvo Roy Saturday (September 9).
“I am deeply concerned regarding the Rohingya issue. We didn’t face such a major problem in the post-liberation war period in Bangladesh. It is very hard for a country like ours to shelter the 10 lakhs of Rohingya”, he said in the statement.
However, citing that Bangladesh can’t avoid providing shelter to the Rohingya refugees from a humanitarian ground, he further said, “I call upon the government that we should stand beside the refugees who are going through inhuman circumstances and also should provide shelter, care and treatment to them.”