Firefighters, RAB personnel inside Mirpur militant hideout


PV Desk : Firefighters and law enforcers entered a suspected terror hideout in Dhaka’s Mirpur on Wednesday morning, after overnight explosions ignited a fire in the building, which had been cordoned-off for almost 36 hours.
“Three of our units are working on the scene. They will check for explosives and whether flames are still burning,” Fire Service Deputy Director Debashish Bardhan told .
But it’s yet to be clear what happened to suspected terrorist Abdullah and his accomplices, who were holed up inside an apartment in a six-storey building on Mirpur’s Mazar Road.
The Rapid Action Battalion or RAB said their bomb disposal unit and dog squad have entered the building.
“Our men will sweep the whole building before entering the fourth-floor apartment occupied by the militants. We can then comment on the situation of the militants,” RAB Media Wing chief Mufti Mahmud Khan told the media.