5,000 Rohingyas entered Bangladesh in 3 days


PV Desk : Some 5,200 people have entered Bangladesh from Myanmar as of Sunday in the wake of the latest violence in Rakhine state, UN refugee agency UNHCR estimates.
In a separate statement, New York-based Human Rights Watch said new satellite data is consistent with widespread burnings in at least 10 areas in northern parts of Myanmar’s Rakhine.
The burnings follow a series of coordinated attacks by ethnic Rohingya militants on August 25 against dozens of Myanmar government checkpoints and bases, it said.
The UNHCR in a statement on Tuesday said in light of the dramatic worsening since Friday of the situation, they have communicated to the Bangladesh government “its readiness to support Bangladesh in helping refugees fleeing across the border”.
Several thousand Muslim Rohingya people were reported to be in locations along the Myanmar side of the border.