Mayaudon optimistic on election


PV Desk : EU Ambassador to Bangladesh Pierre Mayaudon has expressed optimism that all political parties will join the next general election as he believes they have learnt lessons from the past.
Mayaudon said he is confident that the EU electoral monitors will also observe the elections.
“This time the scenario will be different. And all political forces will participate in the next elections. I am confident that it’ll happen,” he said, pointing to the “stable” condition prevailing in Bangladesh.
“There have been lessons learnt. I am confident that this will bring all political forces into the next election,” he said, while shedding light on the issues tied to the EU and Bangladesh.
Democracy and human rights are the cornerstones of the 2001 cooperation agreement based on which the EU engages with Bangladesh.
The 28-country bloc, however, did not observe the 2014 general election as BNP’s boycott of the polls left most of the seats uncontested.
In 2015, they stopped funding projects with the Election Commission, despite the fact that the overall development cooperation budgets for Bangladesh increased.