CCC to realize 17% tax from 1.85 lakh holdings: Mayor


PV Report : City Mayor AJM Nasiruddin said city corporation will realize 17% municipal tax from 1.85 lakh holdings.
He said this while speaking at the 25th general meeting held at KB Abdus Sattar auditorium of Nagar Bhaban on Sunday.
He said project proposal of Tk 458 cr worth to illuminate 1,100km road has been dispatched to the ministry. Work order for illumination of 112 km road at a cost of Tk 53 cr has already been confirmed. Cent percent of the city will be brought under LED lighting.
Among the holdings, there’re 1,69,637 holdings in residential category while 8,750 in commercial category, 829 industrial, mosques and madrashas are 1,207,temple, monastery, pagoda, church are 229, freedom fighter holdings 337. The CCC has targeted to realize Tk 181.12 cr outstanding tax, Tk 500 cr existing and Tk 126,52,50,000 other taxes during the current fiscal year.
The Mayor said pilot project to resolve water-logging of Chittagong will be implemented in coordination with concerned organizations.
City mayor AJM Nasiruddin chaired the meeting while Chief Revenue Officer Dr. Mostafizur Rahman moderated it.