Nothing to expunge: Dr Kamal

PV Desk : Dr Kamal Hossain does not see any comments that need to be erased from the Appellate Division verdict on the 16th constitutional amendment.

The senior lawyer also does not subscribe to the view that the court can withdraw the verdict on its own will.

Dr Kamal spoke amid the government’s anger and a huge debate touched off by the verdict on the amendment that had restored parliament’s powers to sack top court judges.

The lawyer, once an Awami League leader and a former minister of Bangabandhu’s Cabinet, spoke against the amendment as an amicus curiae during the hearing in the Appellate Division.

Some observations made by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha in the verdict have angered Awami League leaders. The verdict has revived the Supreme Judicial Council to sack top court judges on grounds of incompetency and misconduct.

Law Minister Anisul Huq said history was ‘distorted’ in the verdict. He also said the government would move to have ‘unacceptable and offensive’ statements in the verdict deleted.