BNP leaders should resign, says Quader

PV Desk : All leaders and activists of the BNP should leave their party as their eight-year-long anti-government movement has failed, says the Awami League general secretary.

“The BNP asks us to step aside (from government) while they couldn’t even heat up the streets for eight minutes in the last eight years,” said Obaidul Quader on Friday at an event at the Bangla Academy.

“For this failure, all of you (BNP leaders and activists) from top to bottom should simply quit.”

The road transport minister’s remarks came a day after BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said the government should resign from government for its failures.

Mira Fakhrul on Thursday referred to the Appellate Division’s observation in the full verdict that annulled the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. He had said any government in a ‘civilised and democratic’ country would have stepped down after that ruling.