Conjoined twins separated


PV Desk : Doctors at Dhaka Medical College Hospital or DMCH have separated the 10-month-old conjoined twins Tofa and Tohura after six and a half hours into a surgery, which began Tuesday morning.

The surgery, in which about 30 doctors of different departments are participating, began around 8am.

“The twins were separated and they are in stable condition,” Paediatric Surgeon Kaniz Hasina told the media at 2:30pm after emerging from the operating theatre. “We still need another two to three hours for some repair works.”

Tofa and Tohura were conjoined along their spinal columns. They were born on Sept 29, 2016 in Gaibandha’s Sundarganj Upazila. Their parents are farmer Raju Mia and Shahida Begum.

Their condition is called pygopagus, where two individuals are joined at the buttocks, most often back to back, said Shahnoor Islam, associate professor at the Paediatric Surgery Department of DMCH.