Siddiqur loses eyesight


PV Desk : Siddiqur Rahman, student of Titumir College who sustained injuries in his eyes during a student-cop clash in city’s Shahbag, will not eventually get his eyesight back despite undergoing surgery, said his physician in India.

Physician Lingam Gopal of Shankar Netralaya in India’s Chennai said it on Monday (July 31) after examining Siddiqur’s eyes.

After a surgery earlier in Dhaka hospital, physicians informed that Siddiqur lost the sight of his right eye. Later he was sent to India to examine the condition of his left eye.

Sheikh Faridh, a classmate of Siddiqur, said after hearing doctors’ confirmation in Chennai, Siddiqur broke down losing all hopes.

Siddiqur’s elder brother Nayeb Ali and his doctor National Institute of Eye Science and Hospital Assistant Professor Jahidul Ahsan are currently accompanying Siddiqur in India.