Women voters outnumber men in 18 districts

PV Desk : Most areas of Bangladesh have nearly equal numbers of male and female voters, but women exceed men in 18 districts.

The remaining 46 districts have more male voters, in line with the country’s demographics.

The Election Commission has, however, expressed its concern about the involvement of women in voting. The organisation has put particular emphasis on the issue in those districts where the updating of lists has been slow.

“Many women voters are unenthusiastic about the updates for various reasons,” EC Additional Secretary Mokhlesur Rahman told bdnews24.com.

“Having identified the issue, we are taking steps to fix it. Though the number of female voters registered will be lower than the number of male voters, we are trying to get as close to parity as possible.”

There are 101,681,475 voters in Bangladesh, with 51,383,468 male voters (50.54 percent) and 50,298,007 female voters (49.46 percent), said the official citing statistics updated until Jul 12 by the National Identity Registration Wing.

The EC is taking targeted action in Dhaka, Chittagong and particularly in other districts due to the relatively few women voters registered in metropolitan areas.