PM for shunning practice of fish adulteration


PV Desk : Pointing to huge potentials of country’s fishery resources, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged everybody related to fish culture, processing and export to shun fraudulent practices in this sector with an ill motive of profit maximization.

“Some people have the mentality of adulterating fishes. What benefit will come from such practices, except damaging the business and prospect of the resources,” she said urging everybody to abandon the path.

“Fish producers also should be careful to produce pure and quality species to meet the local demand as the local market is expanding in the backdrop of increasing the purchasing capacity of the people, she said while inaugurating National Fisheries Week-2017.

Minister for Fisheries and Livestock Muhammed Sayedul Hoque presided over the function organized by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock at Krishibid Institution auditorium in the city.