EC all set to reveal roadmap to national polls

PV Desk : The Election Commission has finalised its roadmap for the next one and a half years, aiming for an all-inclusive parliamentary polls.

The KM Nurul Huda-led commission, which took office almost five months ago, will oversee the 11th parliamentary election due between late 2018 and early 2019.

“The commission has approved its work plan until the national elections. It has been published as a booklet and the chief election commissioner will unveil it on Sunday,” Election Commission or EC Secretary Mohammad Abdullah told

He said the EC will hold a series of talks with all stakeholders, which would centre on seven specific issues:

*Legal reforms to strengthen the electoral process

*Accept recommendations to make the election process simple and timely

*Delimiting the constituencies to finalise their territorial expanse

*Update voters’ list

*Establish polling stations according to regulations

*Fresh registrations for political parties

*Create a ‘ level-playing field for all’

EC officials said the talks will start on Jul 31 and will continue through October. Meetings with civil society, media, political parties, polls observers, representatives of women’s rights bodies and election experts have been scheduled.

The tenth parliament convened on Jan 29, 2014, which means the eleventh national election has to be held between Oct 30, 2018 and Jan 27, 2019.