Elita-Mahadi’s ‘Onubhuti’ on eid


PV Entertainment Desk : Elita-Mahadi pair earlier created a huge buzz, winning hearts of many after releasing their duet hit ‘Adit featuring Ontohin’ back in 2009.

Bangla melophiles of contemporary romantic Bangla songs still can sense the soothing melody of numbers like ‘Hridoyer Jhore’, ‘Nijum Raat’ and ‘Bhorer Shishir’ of Ontohin.

However, Elita and Mahadi—the romantic songbirds once again have lent their voices in the song ‘Onubhuti’ which will be released in the upcoming Eid ul-Fitr.

Elita said, “Maybe there is a good chemistry in the duet songs of us. Audiences enjoyed each of the songs we have sung together. The new song would follow the same, I hope”

Mahadi said, “We have sung again after a long break. Working for the new song made me feeling a good serenity.”