Akhtaruzzaman flyover likely to open tomorrow


PV Report : Akhtaruzzaman flyover (Muradpur-Lalkhan Bazar) is expected to be opened to vehicular traffic tomorrow if rains don’t disrupt.

CDA Chairman Abdus Salam said the flyover is being opened to ease the traffic jam during Ramadan. Two lanes beside the over-rider will be opened after juma prayer on Friday if inclement weather does not persist.

Construction farm Max- Rankin, Chittagong Zonal project chief  Sohel Ahmed informed that a lane beside in the right side of the flyover will be opened to the vehicular traffic, but it is not a formal inauguration, a temporary measure only.

He also said that work of other portion of the road as well as road expansion will be going on at the same time. Work of Ramp and loop would not be completed within this period, he added.

Mentionables, the 5.2km-long  Akhteruzzaman Chowdhury project worth 696 crore taka was approved by the National Economic Council in 2013.

Work of this project was started in March 2015 under an agreement reached between the CDA and Max-Rankin in 2014.