Lady Justice sculpture removed from SC premises


PV Desk : The sculpture of Lady Justice was removed from the Supreme Court premises early Friday (May 26).

Earlier, some laborers started the remove work at around 12 am, in presence of law enforcers and Mrinal Haque, sculptor of the statue.

In immediate reaction, Mrinal Haque, sculptor of the statue, told journalists, “I have nothing to say. I am being compelled to remove it. It may be kept before the annex building (new building of Supreme Court). I don’t know… It is unfortunate.”

“It is not an idol of any Greek goddess. It portrays a saree wearing Bangali girl. It is not similar to any Greek goddess”, said Mrinal in an emotional tone, regarding design of the statue.

Earlier, he made the design of the statue in 2016.

Later, it was installed in the Supreme Court premises on December 18, 2016. Two more similar fashioned sculptures were also erected in the both sides of main stage for Judicial Department Conference-2016.

No formal arrangement was followed for installation of the sculpture there.

However, some Islamic bodies of the country including Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh demanded removal of the sculpture from the Supreme Court premise since its installation.

Later, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came into consent for removing the statue, after the Hefazat leaders’ meet with her.